At Self Care Co. we believe in Rituals, routine practices that make us temporarily feel at ease and calm. Whether sipping a glass of vino over dinner, a phone call with a good friend, a cup of tea, baking a cake - we all wish we had more of those moments.

Mindful practices draw your attention and focus into the present moment (the only place where life unfolds).

Most of the time we forget to be present, faced with modern life distractions, we rarely take notice of our physical body and our sensations. 

By channelling our attention through our senses, we are able to mindfully experience a more aesthetically enriched and compassionate world.

Self Care Co. presents a unique range of home pieces that will compliment your home and fulfil your mind.

Our natural soy candles are blended with a mix of essential oils, each one individually crafted to assist you in your personal self-care routine.

Take a moment to mindfully light your candle, inhale the natural scents and breathe deeply into the now.

We Care.

For a healthy home loves a healthy mind.



Our Founders

Self Care Co. consists of Nicole, Adelaide, Bramble and new addition to the Self Care Co. family, Willow. Founder Nicole de Leiburne discovered aromatherapy as a therapeutic outlet through difficult periods of anxiety and low mood in her early 20s.

“I have always wanted to discover a natural way to
make people feel calmer.”

This in mind, creating a candle with essential oils seemed to be the perfect way to find a moment of peace in the hectic world we live in. We are very passionate about Mental Health + Wellbeing at Self Care Co, so from every purchase that is made, 10% goes into DON'T JUST STARE - A platform raising awareness of our Mental Health, through Creativity in Schools, Colleges + Universities.


What our customers say

“Just wanted to share with you that your candles are the best. I enjoy coming home and putting on my candle. I got the Rosemary and May Chang scent and I'm so pleased with it. The smell is so calming and definitely helps me relax after a long day at work.

The quality is out of this world, I don't even need to light it and can still smell it. 

I will be a long time customer.”

Latoya, London

“You need a review page. Having been a confirmed neom candle girl, and dismissing many scented candles over the years. I have to let you know, your candles are sublime, the most wonderful intoxicating scent filled my whole home last night it was gorgeous. I'm going to be telling all my girlfriends. I am already placing another order. 5 big Stars. Wishing you great success.”

Julie, Buckinghamshire

“I’d just about given up on fragrant candles but Nicole beautifully blended scents and clear burning wax have made me think twice."

Chrissie, London


“My lavender + orange candle from Self Care Co. has brought me peace of mind in the midst of a very stressful and ambiguous period in my life.  There have been many days where I have come home from work frazzled and anxious and as soon as I light my candle, I start to feel much calmer.  And it also just smells heavenly."

Amy, London


"Self Care Co. candles are special, they smell exceptional and burn differently to other candles. I can tell the candle will last by the way it burns. I'm happy to light it for hours knowing there are no toxins, just the soothing scent of lavender and orange."

Charlotte, Kent